It was in the middle of February winter, but the sun was shining bright this day!  It was so warm you almost didn’t need a coat!  We walked inside the house and found Baby Lillian consumed by the baby swing that she was resting in.  It wasn’t a big baby swing…but Baby Lillian was soooo tiny!  A perfect newborn photography shoot in the making!

When we first started to take pictures she was sound asleep, but not long into the shoot she was wide awake and alert!  She would follow me everywhere I went…like she was following the clicking of the camera.  Very amazing for a 12 day old little girl!

The shoot went great and we were able to utilize natural light from a large window in the dining room.  Mom and Dad were not sure about getting their pictures taken, but that is the beauty of newborn baby pictures…as a parent you don’t have to look at the camera!  You look at the baby!

The photos turned out great, and I want to thank Baby Lillian’s parents for allowing us the opportunity to capture baby Lillian and all of her tiny beauty!  We hope to take more pictures of newborn baby Lillian over the years!

Lillian - Newborn Photography - 7

Lillian - Newborn Photography - 1

Lillian - Newborn Photography - 2

Lillian - Newborn Photography - 3

Lillian - Newborn Photography - 4

Lillian - Newborn Photography - 5

Lillian - Newborn Photography - 6

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