Erich will be graduating from Hilliard Davidson high school in 2014!  We had a fun senior photo shoot.  He had keys to the football stadium, so we spent some time there before heading over to the Griggs Reservoir Boathouse to finish up the photos.

Erich-2014 Senior Portraits-0006 Erich-2014-Senior-Portraits-0017 Erich-2014 Senior Portraits-0014 Erich-2014-Senior-Portraits-0018 Erich-2014 Senior Portraits-0008 Erich-2014-Senior-Portraits-0019 Erich-2014 Senior Portraits-0004 Erich-2014-Senior-Portraits-0020 Erich-2014 Senior Portraits-0001 Erich-2014-Senior-Portraits-0021 Erich-2014 Senior Portraits-0002