Baby Colton-Columbus Ohio-Child Photography-0011Looking for child pictures in and around Columbus, OH?  Well, you have found the right place!

Our goal is to produce lively child pictures…NOT your ordinary every day sit in a studio with a solid color background type of picture.  We prefer outdoor on-location photo sessions!  These type of sessions let the real child shine through!

Once we arrive on site we start talking and walking to the first location.  Getting to know you and your child is very important to us.  Just from talking to you we get a feel for you, your family, and your child’s personality.  After all, personality is what makes each of us unique, and your child’s pictures unique!

Child photo sessions usually last about an hour and we will easily take a few hundred pictures.  From those few hundred pictures we will weed out the ones where your child is blinking, picking their nose, or otherwise looks undesirable.  🙂

The remaining images will be color corrected (if needed) to produce bright colorful images that will stand out on your wall or photo albums!

With your permission we will post some of our favorites pictures to our Facebook Page as well as this website and our blog.  This will make it easy to share your photos with your loved ones and get them excited about your child’s new photos!

You will also receive a CD or DVD containing ALL of your edited images!  Not 10-15 like you will see with many other photographers.   Having the CD gives you the right to print the images on your own, or use our printing services.  You can also post the images to your Facebook profile, email them to your family and friends, or do whatever you want with them (except for sell them for profit).  🙂

So what are you waiting for?!  Contact Us today to reserve your special day!

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