Our friend, Tabby, breeds Great Danes and over the summer she had TONS of Great Dane puppies and was looking for a pet photographer!  So we took our son, Ace, over to play with all of the puppies and ride the horses…and of course I had to take my camera.  🙂  I ended up taking hundreds of pictures of her Great Danes and she used many of the pics on her website, http://www.tlsdanes.com (which no longer exists, sorry!).

She breeds these Great Danes and sells them all over the country!  From hat I understand they are full blooded Danes and have all the paperwork to be in dog shows and the such.  🙂

The little dogs were so cute and cuddly.  Hard to believe that they would grow up to be such big clumsy dogs.  🙂  It was a challenge to photograph all of these puppies and keep straight which ones we photographed and which ones we did not.  The black and white photo below shows all of the puppies in a wheel barrel.  That is where we put the ones that had already had their pictures taken.

One of the Mom dogs took a liking to me and, honestly, if we would have lived somewhere not in town I would have taken her home.  Great Dane’s, to me just seem a bit big to be inside, but I know many people who have them as inside dogs and love every minute of it!

We had such a great time doing some pet photography!

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