The Campbell family lived two houses down from me when I was growing up, and so we were honored to do their family portraits!  I spent a lot of time in their backyard playing Wiffle Ball!  🙂  Alan was my baseball coach for many years and Phyllis baby sat my brother and I for quite a while too!  It was nice to see them again after so many years!

We decided to meet in the middle since we live about an hour apart.  Our destination was Allen Center Park in Marysville, OH.  All in all we had a great time catching up on the past and capturing some memories for their family to remember forever!

A photo of the whole Campbell family!

Large family photos take some time to get right, especially when children are involved. It is nearly impossible to get everyone looking in the right direction and smiling.  So lots of patience and persistence are key in a good photographer.  🙂

Jason, Lacey, and Children

Jason and Lacey were both friends from school and they have an adorable family! This pose on the bridge was a popular one, and I have to agree with the popular vote. 🙂

Jeff, Brandy, and Hattie Family Photo

We had taken pictures of Hattie during a child photo session at Schiller Park.  It was good to see them again!

Hold em high!

This is something that Dad had been doing with his son for years. Had to capture this one! If the boy gets much bigger Dad is going to have a hard time getting him up so high! 🙂

The Campbell Family at Allen Center Park

I really like how the whole family color coordinated by wearing blue, but it is all different enough to not look the same. 🙂 Just so happens the blue door and window matched really really well with their color scheme.

Cousin Photos at Allen Center Park

Mom requested that we get some more “grown up” poses…kinda like senior portraits. I think she is planning on putting these in his year book we he is a senior.

Brother and Sister in front of a blue door.

Brother and Sister in front of a blue door at Allen Center Park.

Mom and Dad Look So Happy!

Mom and Dad Look So Happy!

What a great couples photo at Allen Center Park.

What a great couples photo at Allen Center Park!