I recently did another family photography and  newborn photography session and they referred Baby Colton’s family to us.  We are always excited to hear that we have been recommended by someone. To us that is the best compliment someone can get!  Word of mouth is far more powerful than any paid advertisement.  🙂

I had been talking to Baby Colton’s mother via text and email for a few weeks ironing out all the details.  We arrived at their home, setup shop, and started shooting their family photos.  They pretty much let us do what we do.  They did have a few requests of certain photos to be taken, and I always welcome that, but knowing our clients trust us to do our job and then they just go with the flow makes the whole process that much more fun and exciting!

All of these pictures were taken in their home.  We utilized different rooms of their home and some simple backdrops to mix things up a bit as well as our portable lighting that we bring on site when we do indoor shoots.  The added studio lights give the photos an added pop that you just can not usually get inside due to low lighting conditions.

Baby Colton-Columbus Ohio-Family and Newborn Photography-0003

The whole family!


I couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic family!

Baby Colton-Columbus Ohio-Family and Newborn Photography-0004

Wow! That yellow background! It really brings out the fun in her smile!

newborn baby boy and big sister

The pic on the left is one of my favorites! Big sister and baby brother! I am sure Mom will have a very good helper! 🙂

newborn baby boy and dad

While the last picture was one of my favorites, I believe this picture IS my favorite from the family photo shoot! The black and white…the tattoos…the baby…and the emotion!…just makes for a very good photo in my opinion!

Baby Colton-Columbus Ohio-Family and Newborn Photography-0011

The little big sister! She just loved the camera…and it obviously loved her back. 🙂

newborn baby boy

Baby Colton flying solo here… This is an apple basket we had picked up from Amish country…very nice newborn baby picture!

newborn baby boy

Newborn Baby Colton in the laundry…

newborn baby boy on a fuzzy blanket

Newborn Baby Colton, Close-Up