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The Campbell family lived two houses down from me when I was growing up, and so we were honored to do their family portraits!  I spent a lot of time in their backyard playing Wiffle Ball!  🙂  Alan was my baseball coach for many years and Phyllis baby sat my brother and I for quite a while too!  It was nice to see them again after so many years!

We decided to meet in the middle since we live about an hour apart.  Our destination was Allen Center Park in Marysville, OH.  All in all we had a great time catching up on the past and capturing some memories for their family to remember forever!

A photo of the whole Campbell family!

Large family photos take some time to get right, especially when children are involved. It is nearly impossible to get everyone looking in the right direction and smiling.  So lots of patience and persistence are key in a good photographer.  🙂

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Newborn Baby Alynn – Columbus, OH Newborn Baby Photographer


We photographed Newborn Baby Alynn’s parents about a month prior to this shoot in a maternity shoot.  So, we were excited to get the phone call saying that baby Alynn had been born!  Newborn Baby Alynn was 4 days old when we did this shoot.  We have not photographed many baby girls up to this point so we were thrilled to see the bows and butterfly wings that Newborn Baby Alynn’s parents had picked out.  🙂

We did these photos in their home.  Especially with newborns we feel it best to do the photos in their own home.  This just makes things more comfortable for Mom, Dad, and especially Baby.  Many times babies need more time to eat, have diapers changed, cuddle with Mom, whatever it may be.   We always book extra time for newborn photo sessions (at no extra charge) to be able to comfortably handle these kinds of things.  🙂

In the end, we took our time, and the photos came out great!

How sweet and inncocent!

What a sweet and innocent newborn baby girl….4 days old!!

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Columbus, Ohio Maternity Photography: Tiffany and Alan


Tiffany and Alan were soooo photogenic!  This maternity session was a breeze!  We arrived at their home and setup our lighting in their bedroom and started shooting.   The say the expecting mothers have a certain glow, and obviously Tiffany was glowing this day!

Maternity sessions are so much fun because they are usually done close to the end of the pregnancy and everyone is getting excited and anxious for baby to arrive.

The photos quickly filled up my memory card and I had a hard time narrowing down the keepers.  🙂   Keep your eyes open for their Newborn Baby Photos coming soon!

(Update: Baby Alynn is here!  Check out her Newborn Photos!)

Tiffany - Columbus OH Maternity-0001

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